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Remediation Services and Site Restoration

Universal Tank Services provides clients with remediation solutions to manage liabilities associated with contaminated soil, groundwater, sediments and infrastructure. Our services include Remediation Consulting and Engineering, Remediation Construction and Site Restoration, and Sustainable and Green Remediation practices.


Consulting and Engineering

Contaminated sites and the legacy of historic practices present significant liabilities to industry and government — often extending beyond site borders and affecting corporate reputations, regulatory relationships, operations, and the broader community. They frequently require substantial financial expenditures to remediate. Careful consideration of key issues including operating and site-specific conditions, regulatory requirements, and stakeholder expectations are critical to managing liabilities.  Universal Tank Services has worked successfully with many clients / stakeholders to recover value tied up in impaired property, as well as generating goodwill in the community by creating a positive asset from a previous liability.


Construction and Site Restoration

Remediation and redevelopment of contaminated sites requires expert management of worker and community safety, project costs, implementation of construction management and process plans, project schedule and designs, and regulatory expectations.  Balancing these issues and resource loading the work with the right equipment, materials and labor is crucial to successful remediation outcomes.


Sustainable and Green Remediation

Universal Tank Services is a leader in the growing field of Green and Sustainable Remediation. Members of our remediation team have serviced several high profile sustainable remediation projects. We at UTS look to advance the knowledge and application of Green and Sustainable Remediation, including the integration of Sustainability Principles, Practices and Metrics into Remediation Projects.


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